18 Ways to DIY Shorts for Summer

Shorts are the key to a perfect summer look. Perfect for long summer days, shorts are no longer just beach wear – they can be dressed up for evening wear or kept casual for everyday chic. They are practical and fun, but they can be glamorous and sexy too – especially if you get creative and make your own shorts inspired by our latest fashion gallery.

These tutorials take you through a range of techniques that will enable you to create a pair of shorts (or lots of pairs!) that are so far from the traditional cut-up denim jeans! Create a fun flirty look with lace, a bold statement look with metal studs or get arty with paints and dyes. Forget everything you see in the stores and think catwalk – then create your own unique designs that are guaranteed to be 100% original and 100% you-nique!

This gallery is packed with tutorials that even the most nervous beginner can tackle – just take it slow and don’t be afraid to get your girlfriends around to help! Each tutorial in the gallery creates a very different look, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Reuse old shorts or cut the legs off old clothes, have a rummage through the local thrift store or even buy cheap fashion-store shorts and remake them to suit your own style.

All of the ideas here leave plenty of room for your own ideas, so take these techniques and get creative with colors, patterns and designs that you love. This is a fantastic money-saving idea to get a fun summer look that cost next to nothing and yet helps you look great all summer long. Whether you are hitting the beach, having a barbecue, spending time with friends or just out enjoying the sun, match up your ‘new’ shorts with some of our other fun summer pieces, from fun shoe designs to funky fashion jewelry. Browse the fashion diva galleries and be inspired!

DIY Leopard Print Shorts
Image via becauseimaddicted.net

DIY High-Waisted Vintage Shorts
Image via popcosmo.com

DIY Scalloped Denim Shorts
Image via apairandasparediy.com

DIY Distressed Denim Shorts
Image via swellmayde.com

DIY Lace Shorts
Image via diyrefashion.com

American Flag Shorts
American Flag Shorts
Credit – Ascotfriday

Victorian Print Shorts
Victorian Print Shorts

Lace Pocket Cut-Offs

Lace Pocket Cut-Offs
via Socreativethings

DIY Studed Denim Shorts

Image via clonesnclowns.com

DIY Lace Trim Shorts

tutorial-3 (1)
Image via bowofmoon.com

DIY American Flag Shorts

Image via totallyloveit.com

DIY Lace Shorts
Image via bowofmoon.com

DIY Ombre Shorts
Image via sugarlaws.com

Fabric Paneled Shorts
Fabric Paneled Shorts
Credit – Freepeople

New Jeans Into Worn Cut-Offs
New Jeans Into Worn Cut-Offs
via– Cellajane

DIY Galaxy Shorts

Image via truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com

DIY Tribal Shorts
Image via prudenceandaustere.blogspot.se

DIY Tie Dye Shorts
tie dye
Image via amysfashionscrapbook.blogspot.com

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