A Collection of Ogreish Halloween Recipes to Play Tricks

Halloween Recipe

Generally speaking, when we talk about food, we think they should be tasty and inviting. However, your conception about food may be updated as you see what we’ve prepared for you in this post. Since the Halloween is coming, you may need some great ideas to play a trick on your friends or your family members.

Most people do Halloween makeups, put on Halloween costumes, but just a few people know the food can be a big surprise on that day. Today,we have made a special collection creep recipes which must give others a big surprise. Are you ready to check out these recipes? Be brave and scroll down.

Halloween Recipe: Mummy Meatloaf

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Mummy Meatloaf via

To tell the truth, I find this mummy meatloaf so cute.

Halloween Recipe: A Rat

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: A Rat via

What? A rat? Do you think I am a cat? Or do you intend to frighten me? Humph!

Halloween Recipe: Cat’s Poop

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Cat’s Poop via

The cat’s poop is interesting and fun to share with your best friends. Do you think they will be yummy?

Halloween Recipe: Charred Broken Hand

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Charred Broken Hand via

What will be your reaction the moment you recive such a gift? Maybe throw it away unconsciously.

Halloween Recipe: Cut-off Fingers

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Cut-off Fingers via

People must be frightened when suddenly see the finger food. They are so real and can be fantastic Halloween food.

Halloween Recipe: Horrible Eyeballs

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Horrible Eyeballs via

Dare you eat these horrible eyeballs? You may take them to scare someone you hate.

Halloween Recipe:The Worms

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: The Worms via

The worm jelley is really gross. I once saw such kind of food and I can’t take even one bite.

Halloween Recipe: Blood Stains

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Blood Stains via

Lie to your boy friend that you cut your fingers and see if he cares about you.These blood stains are in fact quite sweet to taste.

Halloween Recipe: Face Covered with Slasher

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Face Covered with Slasher via

Don’t judge a person by his appearance. Although it’s an ugly face covered with meche, it’s a piece of yummy cake actually.

Halloween Recipe: The Intestines

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: The Intestines via

If I tell you they are tasty, will you eat them up? Check out the recipe and see what they are made of.

Halloween Recipe: Human Torso

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Human Torso via

Trust your eyes! Here is the human torso. Perhaps, they may not be a joy-killer if all the food is not placed at the present position.

Halloween Recipe:Bloody Brain Cupcake

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe:Bloody Brain Cupcake via

It really needs some courage to taste this special cupcake.

Halloween Recipe: Broken Monkey Brain

Halloween Recipe
Halloween Recipe: Broken Monkey Brain via

Do you like this creepy cake? It’s so vivid and maybe it’s just great as a trick.


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