Dita Von Teese Hairstyles

Dita Von Teese Finger Wave

Dita Von Teese Hairstyles: Finger Wave

Dita Von Teese Finger Wave
Dita Von Teese Finger Wave /Getty Images

If anyone can wear the retro look well it has to Dita Von Teese. The burlesque beauty captures everything that is glamorous about the forties and fifties vintage look. Here, her raven black hair is styled with absolute precision to create stunning finger waves; the hair is glossy and smooth and the thick curls are held in place perfectly. A side parting allows the hair to be secured in a sweet curl at one side, so that the face is framed on one side and exposed at the other. This is beautiful Hollywood glamour at its very best and looks amazing teamed with a vintage outfit, beautiful jewellery and stunning full makeup. The brows and lips are perfect for the vintage look – elegant and gorgeous!

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