40 Cute Things to Text Your Boyfriend Today!


If you love swapping messages with your guy, but are finding it hard to think of a fresh batch of 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, read on.  It’s hard to the flow of texts fresh, so if you want to keep your boy smiling and thinking of you, check out these 40 cute things to text your boyfriend now!

1. Hi, you handsome hunk of man!

Just as you would enjoy being called ‘beautiful’, your guy will get a kick out of being called, ‘handsome’.  ‘Hunk’ is a great way to tell him how masculine he is and by calling him ‘man’, you’ll reassure him that  you definitely want to play, ‘Me, Jane’ to his hunky, ‘Me, Tarzan!’

2. I miss your happy smile.

This will make any man smile to himself and remind him of your gorgeous smile, too!  It’s good to subconsciously link his happiness with your messages and one of the 40 cute things to text your boyfriend every day will help.

3. Ur so hot!

He’ll read, ‘hot’, and get the message that he’s a very sexy guy.  All men love to be complemented on their sex-appeal, so he’ll lap up this complimentSend this exciting example of 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, just before you’re meeting up for a date and he’ll never arrive late!

4. Your eyes/looks/sense of humour/muscles etc. are SO attractive!

This can be a compliment on his dark hair, or blue eyes or his sense of humour – and you can re-use it until you’ve exhausted all the things you love about your guy.  Try to avoid using words like, ‘awesome’ and ‘great’ which don’t really say anything, because people use them about everything!

5. I love it when you ____.

‘Put your arms around me and squeeze me tight’ or ‘Kiss my neck’ or ‘Always turn around and wave after we’ve said goodnight’.  This is another one of the top 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, because it will remind him to keep on doing the little things you enjoy and show him he’s good at pleasing you.

6. You’re so cute when you ____.

Does he stutter when he gets nervous, or blush easily or have another endearing trait that you love, but he feels embarrassed about?

Boost his confidence by telling him that it’s one of the many things you love about him and that he shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  This will take the pressure off someone who feels unsure of himself and he’ll love you for telling him it doesn’t matter!

7. I love you as much as you love __________(football/baseball/basketball etc.)

This is a funny line you must include in your favourite 40 cute things to text your boyfriend now and then.  Use it if your boyfriend is crazy about sport!  It will mean a lot more to him than a soppy cliché, and show him your good sense of humour.  Clever and original!

8. I love to hear you laugh!

Then send a funny photo of yourself, from looking cross-eyed to dressed-up in his sport’s kit complete with boots or his shirt, jacket and tie or whatever.  He’ll enjoy the humour and know that you always make him feel happy.

9. I’m an addict – you’re my drug!

When he first reads, ‘I’m an addict’, your guy might feel alarmed, but when he reads to the end, the relief will make him have a good laugh at your sense of fun!

10.  The love-heart symbol

Great for when you’re in a hurry or you know he’s really busy at work.  It keeps your romance fresh in his mind and doesn’t interrupt his busy day or his busy night-out-with-the-boys by needing a long answer. 

It’s one of the most versatile texts from my list of the best 40 cute things to text your boyfriend.

11. I’ve just discovered something amazing! I love you!

Use this sparingly, as it can get irritating if you don’t really have any special news to share.

12. I’m so excited about seeing you soon!

This enthusiastic message will fill him with confidence and make him look forward to your next date with twice as much excitement.  It’s the sort of text from the 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, that really packs a punch!

13. Without you my life would be horrible.

This is a great way to show him how much you care, especially if you recently had a tiff and he’s feeling unsure about your commitment to him.

14. A picture’s worth a 1000 words, so here’s how much I love you! 

Then send a photo of you with your arms spread as wide as possible to show him in a cute way the size of your love. This is a text my guy sent me once and so I had to include it in the 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, because it was so memorable.

15. Oh no! I’ve lost my heart to

Just send this part of a sentence and see if he texts you back asking who you’ve met or who you’ve lost your heart to.  If he does you’ll know he’s worried someone else is going to sweep you away from him! 

You can answer straightaway that you’ve lost your heart to him or you can leave it for an hour or so to keep him keen!

16. I’m desperate to see you, but too much of a good thing can send a girl crazy!

This is good to send when you’re not free to meet your guy,but want to show him that he’s a really important person in your life.  It’s tricky putting off your boyfriend when you’re really busy and he’s very keen, so sending a selection of these 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, should help keep him happy while he waits.

17. I’m having a bad day, what sort of day ru having?

Show him that even though your day is not going well, you’re still interested in his welfare.  This also gives your guy the chance to show you some sympathy and cheer you up, without you appearing ‘needy’!

Not all of the 40 cute things to text your boyfriend have to be funny, but try to keep the tone light and save the heavy stuff for when you can talk together properly.

18. Whenever I see you, my heart beats really fast! 

If he’s really into you, he probably gets the same feeling, so let him know he’s an exciting guy, too. This is another one from my guy and I hope you agree it’s a good one for any list of 40 cute things to text your boyfriend.

19. You’re better than chocolate!

Everyone knows how much girls love chocolate, so this compliment will stick in his mind for being original and extremely flattering.  Try to be original with your own 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, it makes you seem more sincere.

20. Your kisses take my breath away!

He’ll love hearing he’s a good kisser, who’s really hitting the spot with you.

21. You’re the cheese on my pizza!

No doubt he loves pizza and what’s a pizza without cheese – just a boring slice of dough.  He’ll remember this one for ages!

22. Your Tee-shirts really show off your muscles.

Men love to hear how muscly they look – it makes them feel strong and manly.  Make sure you have a good sprinkling of body compliments amongst your favourite 40 cute things to text your boyfriend.

23. I wish you were here with me now.

Timing is vital to making any of these 40 cute things to text your boyfriend really count.  For example, everyone sends this message late at night when they’re relaxing alone at home or just bored. 

However, it will have a lot more impact if you send it when you’re out having fun with the girls, as it reassures your guy that you don’t have more fun ‘out on the town’ as a single girl.

24. When you hug me, I feel like nothing can ever hurt me.

This brings out the protective instinct in men and makes them feel warm and secure about your relationship.

25. You must be mad to put up with me!

If you’ve had an argument and you think it was your fault, say sorry and lighten the mood by sending this text.  It shows how much you appreciate him and that you know you make mistakes sometimes.

26. All the girls are jealous of our happiness.

Keep this general and don’t be tempted to say, ‘All my friends are jealous . . .’ or he might start casting his eye over them to see who he can get – even if he never thought about it before!

27. I always dreamt of finding my perfect man and it’s you!

Knowing that he fulfils all your fantasies will reassure him and make him feel on top of the world.

28. I can share anything with you, you always understand me.

Good communication is the key to a lasting relationship, so letting him know that he’s a good listener when you have a problem will deepen your bond.

29. With you in my life, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

It never hurts to tell him that he’s doing a good job and that he brings joy and fun into your life.

30. Next time I see you, I’m taking one of your shirts to wear in bed!

This shows your boy you want to pretend you’re snuggling together in the night and it will make him feel great!  However, if he replies that he wants to wear one of your nighties in bed, say no! LOL

31. You’re good at everything – are you secretly Superman?

Praising your guy’s abilities will boost his ego and make him feel confident and powerful when he’s with you.

32. I had a great time with you!

If you send this shortly after your last date, it will let him know that you want to see him again and encourage him to arrange another date soon. 

Some men get very anxious about whether their date enjoys their company, so make sure your favourite 40 cute things to text your boyfriend always reassure him on that score.

33. I love watching you at the gym, you’re so buff!

This will let him know that his physique is impressive to you and he’ll feel proud of keeping his body in shape for you.

34. You’re so interesting – I want to know all about you!

Sometimes we worry that people find us boring, even when we’re not!  So boost his confidence by showing you find him genuinely interesting and you’re looking to build a relationship with him.

35. You’re such a caring person – I love that.

Not all guys are beefy, sports-mad hulks and if your boy is more sensitive, show him how much you value his caring personality.  You can include delicate topics in your favourite 40 cute things to text your boyfriend, as long as you keep it positive.

36. You’re so ambitious – that’s really attractive!

We all like a guy who’s doing his best to create a good future for himself and his girl, so if he’s pushing himself hard, give him some encouragement to show that you support him.

37. No matter how sad I feel, you always make things much better!

Maybe you’ve been having a difficult time recently and sharing your problems with your other half.  Let him know that he’s doing a good job of supporting you and making a really positive difference in your life.

38. Meeting you has made me feel complete.

This shows the key role your boy has in making your life more enjoyable.  It also tells him that you and he are in a secure and solid relationship together. 

39. With you, I always feel protected.

Whether your boyfriend offers you mental or physical strength and support (or both), this makes him feel that he’s a powerful force and needed by you.

40. I love you with all my heart.

This is one of the 40 cute things to text your boyfriend you should hold-off sending until you know each other well and have developed deep feelings for each other.  People who rush in with ‘I love you’ in the first few weeks of a new relationship, are often mistaken. 

But when the time is right, this is a powerful message that we hope will always be read with joy by our boyfriends!

I hope I’ve inspired you with my fresh batch of 40 cute things to text your boyfriend and remember, never send nudie pics because men just can’t help showing them to all their friends!

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