Cute Braided Hairstyle with Spiky Fringe for Summer

Cute Braided Hairstyle for Summer 2014

Summer Hair Idea: Avant-garde Waves with Spiky Bangs

This is a very exciting look which dares to combine romanticism with very edgy modern elements to create a futuristic image.

Cute Braided Hairstyle for Summer 2014
Cute Braided Hairstyle for Summer 2014 /tumblr

Cute braid for girls: From the crown the hair is styled forwards to create a trendy long, heavy fringe, with sharply textured tips that are side-swept to almost cover the eyes. The braided band is set in an unusually low position on the forehead and hair is pulled up at the back to create volume from the super-stylish messy ‘bulge’!

By contrast, the longer lengths are styled into romantic, extra-large tousled ringlets, continuing the ultra-contemporary feel in this amazing avant garde new look! Do you like this style?

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