Carmen Electra Hairstyles

Carmen Electra Curly Hairstyles

1. Carmen Electra Wavy Hairstyles

Carmen Electra Wavy Hairstyles
Carmen Electra Wavy Hairstyles /Getty Images

Carmen Electra is known for the plethora of blonde shades she manages to get into her blonde look; and here the shades range from lightest golden brown, through the spectrum of blondes to honey and straw toned highlights. The effect is glossy; the colour and condition mean loads of light and shine and vitality. The shape of the style comes thanks to the big bouncy waves, flicked back away from the face foe added shape and to expose the face more. The shape and colour both flatter Carmen’s complexion and facial shape.

2. Carmen Electra Sleek Hairstyles

Carmen Electra Sleek Hairstyles
Carmen Electra Sleek Hairstyles /Getty Images

Carmen Electra opts for a long, poker straight style for her layered hair, creating a sleek, groomed look. While the blonde shades throughout the lengths of the hair give it lots of interest and depth, the highlights at the roots give the top of the head a ‘stripy’ look. Lots of platinum and ash blonde tones make the skin tone look rather more orange than tanned, making this style not particularly flattering. The best aspect of the style is the fantastic condition of the hair – not a strand out of place or a split end in sight.

3. Carmen Electra Long Hairstyles

Carmen Electra Long Hairstyles
Carmen Electra Long Hairstyles /Getty Images

All the shape in this hairstyle comes from the layers that have been cut into the hair. This turns a long straight style into a much more interesting look. While most of the hair is casually straight, rather than absolutely poker straight, sections have been given a very loose wave and the centre parting means that the hair falls equally on both sides to frame the sides of the face. The colour makes use of a very wide range of blonde shades, from darkest blonde to medium ash tones, with highlights and lowlights to complement the complexion.

4. Carmen Electra Hair: Big Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Carmen Electra Hair
Carmen Electra Hair /Getty Images

This is a super feminine style for Carmen Electra; for one, the colour is beautifully done, with natural blonde tones mixing with dark blonde shades and streaks of a delicate straw blonde colour that highlights the shape of the hair. The shape itself is simple and elegant; a rough side parting pulls the hair to one side where it is secured with a single hair slide. The lengths of the hair fall over the shoulders in huge but loose spiral waves. The overall effect is very pretty.

5. Carmen Electra Curly Hairstyles: Ombre Long Hair

Carmen Electra Curly Hairstyles
Carmen Electra Curly Hairstyles /Getty Images

Get this style right and it looks fab, get it wrong and you could end up being mistaken for a lion. To create sexy tousled volume without the jungle look, the waves are kept very gentle and loose, and the cut is shaped with layers to prevent the hair sitting out too far. A casual, ‘grown out’ graduated colour that moves from dark blonde shades to brighter straw blonde tones at the ends gives a summery, sun bleached look that immediately adds a touch of feminine chic to the style. Carmen Electra’s oval face shape wears the style well.

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