23 Stunning ’70s Hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style

Big natural hair

If lately you’ve been noticing that a lot of people are wearing flared jeans, platform heels and big floppy hats and you’ve been secretly wondering if you’re caught up in a time warp, don’t. If you wait long enough, just about every fashion era comes back around sooner or later. Right now, the 70s are in the spotlight.

This means there are also 70s hairstyles that are inspiring a lot of the ‘dos that are in hairstyle magazines too.

If you’d like to give the 70s a try as it relates to hairstyles, here are some different styles to consider. Ones that looked really good back then and look even better right now!


1. Pixie cut

Pixie cut
Pixie cut/via

In the mid-60s, there was a model named Twiggy who was all the rage. In fact, may attribute her to the pixie cut. All throughout the 70s, a lot of women wore it and it’s still pretty popular even now.

2. Hair with a braid headband

Hair with a braid headband
Hair with a braid headband/via

The Bohemian look is also connected to 70s fashion. And one way to wear “Boho hair” is by creating a braided headband out of a section of your own hair.

3. Full Afro

Full Afro
Full Afro/via

The 70s is also associated with the disco era and programming like Good Times. And if there could be one hairstyle that was considered to be the signature one for the 70s, no doubt about. It would have to be the Afro!

4. Long with a full bang

Long with a full bang
Long with a full bang/via

Full bangs were pretty popular back then too. Especially if they were accompanied by really long locks.

5. Crimped hair

Crimped hair
Crimped hair/via

Something else that screamed “disco hair”? Crimps. If you don’t have a crimping iron, this would be the ideal time to get one.

6. Long flip

Long flip
Long flip/via

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Charlie’s Angels before, then you probably noticed that the ladies wore their hair flipped a lot. It’s really easy to use a curling iron to get these kinds of results.

7. Hair with a headband

Hair with a headband
Hair with a headband/via

Another popular 70s and Boho style is a headband. Just make sure to get the kind that go around your forehead.

8. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks were pretty popular in the 70s too. Many people considered it to be a bit of a revolutionary look. Revolutions are still going on even today. Perhaps that is why there are still so many people who wear them.

9. Afro puffs

Afro puffs
Afro puffs/via

Little girls, teenagers and grown women all look super cute with a couple of Afro puffs on the top of their head.

10. Hippie braids

Hippie braids
Hippie braids/via

If you have really long hair, put a part down the middle and create a pair of hippie braids. Then add an accessory like a feather, butterfly clip or even a flower.

11. Long and full

Long and full
Long and full/via

In the 70s, the longer and fuller your hair was, the better. Then all you had to do was put some rollers at the end at night to add some unbelievable volume during the day.

12. Short Afro

Short Afro
Short Afro/via

Big Afros were the most popular but short Afros got their fair share of attention too.

13. Bone straight tresses

Bone straight tresses
Bone straight tresses/via

Cher was pretty big in the 70s, right? And what was one thing that she was known for having back in those days? Long, sleek hair. The kind that was pretty much bone straight.

14. Curly with a middle part

Curly with a middle part
Curly with a middle part/via

Frizzy hair wasn’t nearly as much of a big deal back in the 70s as it is now. Especially if it was styled with something like a part down the middle.

15. ‘Poofy’ low bun

'Poofy' low bun
‘Poofy’ low bun/via

And what about updos? Well honestly, the more poofy it was, the better. In the 70s, there was really no such thing as “too much volume”.

16. Updated bowl cut

Updated bowl cut
Updated bowl cut/via

Bowl cuts were somewhat popular as well. If you never thought about getting one because you thought it looked a little too “geeky”, how do you feel now that you’ve seen one that has a bit of a modern-day twist to it?

17. Hair with a scarf

Hair with a scarf
Hair with a scarf/via

Thank goodness that hair with scarves was big back then and is still big now! It’s the perfect hair accessory on those super humid days.

18. Platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair
Platinum blonde hair/via

If there was a signature color for the 70s, it had to be platinum blonde. If you decide to attempt this, just make sure to have a professional stylist color your tresses for you. That way, you can avoid damaging your locks.

19. Bob with bangs

Bob with bangs
Bob with bangs/via

Smooth, sleek and easy to maintain. That’s what we love so much about bobs. And when they have bangs, they frame the face so beautifully. That’s probably why it’s such a signature look.

20. Big natural hair

Big natural hair
Big natural hair/via

The only think better than an Afro is one that’s so big that it’s literally overwhelming! Again, in the 70s, the more volume, the bigger the hair was, the better it ended up being for the woman who wore it.

21. Braided crown

Braided crown
Braided crown/via

This is something that was so precious for a prom or wedding. Back in the 70s, all that needed to be added was some baby’s breath. That’s still the case today, in fact.

22. Choppy shag

Choppy shag
Choppy shag/via

Shags are also reminiscent of the disco era. Sure they look a bit like a mullet but with the right color, you’ll be fierce.

23. ‘Pixie bob’

'Pixie bob'
‘Pixie bob’/via

“Cute” doesn’t even begin to describe how “the marriage” of the pixie and the bob can make a woman look. If you don’t attempt anything on this list, at least give this one a try. How could you possibly regret it?

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