20 Popular Short Haircuts for Women

Have you ever thought about cutting your hair short, maybe into a cute short little Cleopatra bob or a Twiggy short style?  Have you tried to do so before, with disastrous consequences, and want to do your research properly before venturing into this potential minefield again?  With short hair, it is especially important to ensure that the specific style you are choosing will flatter your face shape.  It is when your style fails to flatter your face, or, even worse, actively accentuates less than perfect areas of your face, that you could possibly have a bonafide hair disaster!  If you want a short haircut, it is advisable to discuss the options with your hairstylist, and ask whether the style you want is right for you.  Remember that while it is true that hair grows back, it takes a long time to do so, and the shorter you go the more time it will take!  It might be better to go shorter gradually.  With all of that in mind, here is our list of today’s most popular short hairstyles!

Wavy short bob/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883019006207

A wavy short bob is usually considered one of the safer bets when it comes to short hair.  It can suit a larger range of face shapes, and it is more versatile than shorter hair, especially if you make sure that it will be long enough to manage to put your hair into a little ponytail.

Wavy short bob
Wavy short bob/via

Pixie cut/via pinterest.com/280489883018055347

The pixie cut is very short, and is a cut that shouldn’t be rushed into.  The pixie cut is generally best on heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces, on people with delicate, small features.  In most cases, it should be avoided if your face is at all heavy-set.

Pixie cut
Pixie cut/via

Asymmetrical short cut/via pinterest.com/pin/2804/89883017641077

The trendy asymmetrical short cut is a trendy style that is not for the faint of heart!  The presence of long, side-swept bangs softens the look.

Asymmetrical short cut
Asymmetrical short cut/via

Short cut with deep side part/via pinterest.com/pin/28048988301085458

This daring cut is very modern while evoking the glamour of yesteryear with its deep side part.  This is also a bit of an androgynous look, which can be very trendy.  Like the pixie cut, this cut is best for women with delicate, small features.

Short cut with deep side part
Short cut with deep side part/via

Short A-line bob/via pinterest.com/280489883016674979

This short A-line bob is a classic look that harkens back to the 1920s flapper.  It has a real air of sophistication.

Short A-line bob
Short A-line bob/via

Short hair with long side bangs/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883016718696

Very similar to longer versions of the pixie cut, this chic look is softened by the presence of long, side-swept bangs.  The shortness in the back makes this style quite daring.  If you have a long neck and high cheekbones, this style might be flattering on you.

Short hair with long side-swept bangs
Short hair with long side-swept bangs/via 

Messy with length in the front/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883016236456

This deliberately messy look is modern and fashionable, and the length in the front softens the cut’s general shortness.

Messy with length in the front
Messy with length in the front/via

Flipped flicks/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883016234452

This is an especially popular short style, as the feathering and flicks around the face soften the overall look, and can give a perky and lifted appearance to the face.

Flipped flicks
Flipped flicks/via

Rounded short style/via pinterest.com/280489883015378606

This rounded style can be flattering on heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces with high cheekbones and generally angular features.  It should be avoided by anyone with a round face, as it will accentuate the roundness in a negative way, and the shortness, especially in the back, will be too severe.


Piecey and short/via pinterest.com/280489883015287312

This look is very modern and youthful, and would be especially flattering on women with high cheekbones and a long neck.  We think of Linda Evangelista when we look at this cut.

Piecey and short
Piecey and short/via

Short with heavy bangs/via pinterest.com/pin/28048988301526421

This trendy, rounded hairstyle with wispy ends is better for those with angular features.  It has a bit of 60s sweetness and sophistication.

Short with heavy bangs
Short with heavy bangs/via

Short and finger-waved/via pinterest/280489883014581621

This style combines modern androgyny with classic 1930s movie star flair.

Short and finger-waved
Short and finger-waved/via 

Twiggy pixie/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883014002263

Channel you inner Twiggy with this cute cut.  This would look great combined with 60s style heavily rimmed eyes.

Twiggy pixie
Twiggy pixie/via 

Undercut/via pinterest.com/pin/22940279327425005

This is definitely one of the most daring and androgynous styles out there.  This is best for someone with a long neck and small features.  The heart is optional!


Short and voluminous, waved back/via pinterest.com/pin/2804898830147460

This short style has height on the top, which can help lift the features.

Short and voluminous, waved back
Short and voluminous, waved back/via

Bedhead short style/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883015178186

This adorable style has softness and plenty of volume!

Bedhead short hair
Bedhead short hair/via

Short curly bob/via pinterest/pin/280489883014722387

This is a cute and sweet style, with a bit of a retro feel.

Short curly bob
Short curly bob/via

Short and wavy/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883015264212

This short and wavy style has a piecey and texturized look.

Short and wavy
Short and wavy/via

Ombre short cut/via pinterest.com/pin/280489883014527512

This androgynous style adds interest with an ombre color pattern.

Ombre short hair
Ombre short hair/via

Modern mushroom cut/via pinterest/pin/280489883018712917

This is a modern take on the mushroom cut.  The general roundness of this cut probably makes it best for those with angular features.

Modern mushroom cut
Modern mushroom cut/via

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