20 Best Wedding Hairstyles


It is every woman’s dream to fall in love, get married and ride off into the sunset with the man of their dreams.  For most women, marriage is simply a beautiful thing and on that day looking their absolute best is very important. You want to ensure that everything about you is on point, your dress, your nails and most certainly your hair. Deciding how to wear your hair long, short or in an up-do might seem like one of the hardest decisions you have to make but you can relax.

Here are some of the most amazing hairstyles for when you say I do.


Updos of this sort are considered traditional/classic wedding hairstyles. This neat lower bun is accentuated with a hair brooch which adds a touch of elegance.

Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles/via

It might not have been JLo’s wedding but this long wavy hairstyle could certainly be the choice for your wedding. Soft curls are pinned to one side and are worn on the shoulder.

short hairsyle - weddin accessories
short hairsyle – weddin accessories/via

Three words: Short, simple, sophisticated. Don’t feel compelled to add extensions for your big day, your short hair can be a big hit too.

veil wedding hairstyles loose-curls
veil wedding hairstyles loose-curls/via

Some brides may opt to wear veils on their wedding day, long soft curls worn half up is a favorite when doing so.


Raphael Reboh Bridal Hair
Raphael Reboh Bridal Hair/via

Wearing your hair long down your back is also a great pick, it adds that touch of romance to your day.

Half Up Half Down
Half Up Half Down/via

Have half your curls pinned up and the other half down then add a touch of class with a hair brooch. There is no going wrong with this hairdo.

Wedding Updos With Veil Underneath
Wedding Updos With Veil Underneath/via

This neat loose bun, with curls is accentuated with a flower. When choosing a simple hairdo flower accessories are highly recommended.

Simple and Long Hair for Weddings
Simple and Long Hair for Weddings/via

Sometimes simple does it. This style requires no clips, no pins, no accessories and it works.


Lose Waves
Lose Waves/via

Dare to be different with braided loose curls and that pearl accessory. Braids are becoming more popular for weddings these day, be trendy.

Chic Bride
Chic Bride/via

The type of gown you decide to wear might influence how you decide to style your hair. This hairstyle is best with low cut dresses and those without sleeves.

Classic Hairdo
Classic Hairdo/via

This is a classic wedding hairdo with a modern touch. Curls are slicked back in a bun and finished off with a pearl headband.

Braided Wedding Hair
Braided Wedding Hair/via

Not too neat, not too loose, this updo is simple yet very detailed.


Brides sometime prefer a pretty simple hairstyle that will show off their make up and their gorgeous dress. This high bun does just that.

Crown of Flowers
Crown of Flowers/via

Curly hair with a fancy head band. This style says a lot about your personality.

Detailed Hair
Detailed Hair/via

A half up, half down hairstyle with long, tight curls. Curls add a romantic and elegant touch to your look.

Vintage Hairdo
Vintage Hairdo/via

Are you somebody that is inspired by the 70s or 80s? Then this vintage style hairdo is certainly for you.


Elegant Hair for Wedding
Elegant Hair for Wedding/via

A loose pin up that stops at the top of the neck with tiny hair accessories.



Buns and pin ups have always been wedding favorites but more details are being added to them these days.

Bob on Wedding Day
Bob on Wedding Day/via

Short, bold and compelling! Short hair can be stunning too and this is how.

Just Braid It
Just Braid It/via

Why not just braid your hair? Be different, opt for braids sometimes.


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