20 DIY Tutorials for Hair Accessories – Handmade Hair Accessories

Bobby Pin Shapes

Sometimes, it can be hard to add an extra flair to your look. There are only so many hairstyles that you can do before they turn into a routine. Besides, a girl can only wear a ponytail so many days in a row! And, let’s face it, all the cool looks are time consuming at best. If you’re like me, they take double the time to do and end up looking nothing like the picture! If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your hair, why not try out some cute and trendy hair accessories? Better yet, why not make your own?

1. Bobby Pin Shapes

Bobby Pin Shapes
Bobby Pin Shapes/via

Every girl has bobby pins, so this neat idea will cost you nothing!

2. T-Shirt Headband

T-Shirt Headband
T-Shirt Headband/via

Don’t throw out your old T-shirts. Instead, turn them into neat braided headbands.

3. Constellation Clip

Constellation Clip
Constellation Clip/via

For the more creative types, turn your clips into a beautiful constellation of stars.

4. The Simple Bow


Keep it simple with this folded bow. It doesn’t get much easier.

5. Rainbow Pins

Rainbow Pins
Rainbow Pins/via

Another easy one, paint your pins funky colours. It looks great on kids and adults alike!

6. Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Flower Crown/via

Spring is here and what better accessory than this pretty flower crown.

7. Seashell Accessories

Seashell Accessories
Seashell Accessories/via

Collect some seashells, paint them with nail polish and attach them to hair clips!

8. Hanging Chain Headband

Hanging Chain Headband
Hanging Chain Headband/via

This stunning accessory is a bit more complex to make, but still extremely doable. It’ll be worth the struggle.

9. Hairband Twist

Hairband Twist
Hairband Twist/via

Take any old fabric and turn it into a super stylish hairband.

10. Chain Clips

Chain Clips
Chain Clips/via

This killer look is a bit tricky, but definitely worth a shot!

11. Pearl Bobby Pins

Peal Bobby Pins
Peal Bobby Pins/via

It’s easy and ever so elegant. Who wouldn’t want pearls floating in their hair?

12. Lace Headband

Lace Headband
Lace Headband/via

A lace headband has never been easier to make.

13. Lace Bow

Lace Bows
Lace Bows/via

And while you’re at it, why not make some lace bows as well?

14. Nail Polish Painted Clips

Nail Polish Painted Clips
Nail Polish Painted Clips/via

With a little creativity and some interesting shapes, you could make some seriously cool clips.

15. Feather Hair Grip

Feather Hair Grip
Feather Hair Grip/via

These beautiful clips are an amazing summer look.

16. Hair Comb

Hair Comb
Hair Comb/via

It’s so easy, you can do it as you watch Netflix.

17. Hair Bow

Hair Bow
Hair Bow/via

For those of you who have nothing to work with, turn your hair into an accessory!

18. Flower Headband

Flower Headband
Flower Headband/via

All you need for this adorable accessory is some cloth, scissors and a hot glue gun!

19. Necklace Headband

Necklace Headband
Necklace Headband/via

Turn your favourite necklace into a hairband with only an elastic band!

20. Buttons Bobby Pins

Button Bobby Pins
Button Bobby Pins/via

Another neat idea to dress up your bobby pins.


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