25 Popular Daily Hairstyles Right Now

Daily Hairstyles

A lot of the time, it’s hard thinking of something to do with your hair every morning, isn’t it?  Many of us tend to fall into ruts of always doing the same one or two hairstyles every single day of the week.   Women of all hair lengths and hair types generally experience this frustration, and many of us are intimidated by hairstyling, and just assume that we simply aren’t “good with hair”, or aren’t creative enough.  Those of us with very long hair sometimes feel this problem the most intensely, but we shouldn’t forget that women with other hair lengths can also feel very frustrated trying to come up with new things to do with their hair.

Luckily, we have a solution to your problem!  Below is a list of 25 popular hairstyles that are easy to do.  Now you can have a new style at least every day of the week, or even maybe almost every day of the month!

1. Voluminous ponytail

Daily Hairstyles
Voluminous ponytail/via

This pretty and versatile hairstyle is perfect no matter what the occasion!

2. Messy bun

Daily hairstyles
Messy bun/via

This style is both chic and sophisticated.  It is also very easy to do!

3. Chic chignon

Daily hairstyles

This gorgeous yet easy style will make you ready for anything!

4. Half up, half down

Half up, half down
Half up, half down/via

This feminine and youthful style will soften your look.

5. Down and curly

Daily hairstyles
Curly hair/via

This hairstyle is perfect if you have naturally curly hair.  It is an easy style to achieve with a diffuser and the right products.

6. Straight and parted in the middle

Daily hairstyles
Straight hair parted in the middle/via

Bring out your inner 60s beauty with this simple yet gorgeous style.

7. Curly hair parted in the middle

Daily hairstyles
Curly hair parted in the middle/via

If you have naturally curly hair, this style will show off the beauty of your hair’s natural texture.

8. Wavy hair with a deep side part

Daily hairtyles
Wavy hair with deep side part/via

This style has more than a hint of 1940s Old Hollywood glamour.

9. High ponytail

Daily hairstyles
High ponytail/via

This fresh and youthful style is perfect for a busy lifestyle!

10. Sleek ponytail

Daily hairstyles
Sleek ponytail/via

The sleek ponytail is a sophisticated and versatile look.

11. Side braid

Daily hairstyles
Side braid/via

Try this fun and carefree style for something different!

12. Side ponytail

Side ponytail
Side ponytail/via

This flattering and youthful style is easy to accomplish and is a sweet and pretty look.

13. Sweet and simple side barrette

Daily hairstyles
Sweet and simple side barrette/via

This style hearkens back to the Old Hollywood glamour of actresses like Veronica Lake!

14. Crown braids

Daily hairstyles
Crown braids/via

This unique hairstyle is both romantic and beautiful.

15. Side fishtail braid

Daily hairstyles
Side fishtail braid/via

The side fishtail braid is perfect for thick, long hair.

16. Merged braids

Daily hairstyles
Merged braids/via

This style is one of the most romantic we’ve ever seen, and is sure to look gorgeous.

17. Straight with deep side part

Daily hairstyles
Straight with deep side part/via

This style combines contemporary sleek straightness with the Old Hollywood deep side part.

18. Double ponytail

Daily hairstyles
Double ponytail/via

This very easy style is perfect for a busy lifestyle!

19. Braided bangs

Daily hairstyles
Braided bangs/via

This style is a great way of dealing with bangs you are growing out!

20. Half braid

Daily hairstyles
Half braid/via

Show your romantic and carefree side with this great style.

21. Bangs swept across forehead

Daily hairstyles
Bangs swept across forehead/via

This fashionable and flattering style can be secured with a pretty bobby pin.

22. Flipped out ends

  Daily hairstyles
Flipped out ends/via

This absolutely gorgeous style allows you to channel your inner 1960s beauty!

23. Side bun

Daily hairstyles
Side bun/via

This style is both easy and flattering, and can be dressed up!

24. Low ponytail

Daily hairstyles
Low ponytail/via

This classic hairstyle is effortless and chic.

25. Half back in a barrette

Daily hairstyles
Half back in a barrette/via

Barrettes can add a bit of extra interest to your already gorgeous hair!

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