24 Super Cute Summer Hair Ideas

Headband Hair Wrap

Summer is on it’s way and with it a sense of renewal. Warm days and cool nights have a way of refreshing minds. Suddenly, we find ourselves getting rid of the old and introducing the new. That goes for hairstyles as well. You don’t need to spend big bucks at the salon to do something different with your hair. Instead, check out these summer hair ideas for some inspiration, in order to step up your style game.

1. Beach Waves

Beach Waves
Beach Waves/via

You can’t mention summer without mentioning beach waves. It’s here, it’s chic, and it’s flattering to all.

2. Half Up Knot

Half up Knot
Half up Knot/via

This style is a great way to show off your locks while getting your hair out of your face.

3. Long Messy Braid

Long Messy Braid
Long Messy Braid/via

Are you noticing a theme here? Everyone seems to go blonde in the summer.

4. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail
Bubble Ponytail/via

Get creative! Try this bubble ponytail look for something new.

5. Jewelled Headband

Jewelled Headband
Jewelled Headband/via

Throw in a headband for some extra summer glamour.

6. Flower Crowns

Flower Crown
Flower Crown/via

Yes, this is the only time of the year you can get away with these gorgeous flower crowns and not be seen as a hippie.

7. The Refreshing Chop

The Refreshing Chop
The Refreshing Chop/via

Cut it all off and feel the breeze!

8. Simply French

Simply French
Simply French/via

French braids are easy and cute, so, why not?

9. Headband Bows

Headband Bows
Headband Bows/via

Mix the headband bow with some beachy waves and you’re set!

10. Curls Be Wild

Curls Be Wild
Curls Be Wild/via

Let your curls get wild, but contain them with a headband

11. The Boho Bun

The Boho Bun
The Boho Bun/via

Gorgeously chic and casual, this is the perfect look for any summer outfit.

12. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail/via

Show off your long locks with this gorgeous hairstyle.

13. Half Up French Braid

Half up French Braid
Half up French Braid/via

A pretty look that works on any length of hair.

14. Flower Braids

Flower Braids
Flower Braids/via

It’s summer. You’re free. Why not accessorize with freshly picked flowers?

15. Hair Wraps

Hair Wraps
Hair Wraps/via

Have fun making stylish hair wraps with your friends.

16. Headband Hair Wrap

Headband Hair Wrap
Headband Hair Wrap/via

Or, try out the equally chic but temporary headband hair wrap!

17. Bandana Wrap

Bandana Wrap
Bandana Wrap/via

There really is no lack of ways to wrap your hair this summer.

18. Hair Chalking

Hair Chalking
Hair Chalking/via

A great way to play around with colour that are completely temporary!

19. Retro Looks

Retro Looks
Retro Looks/via

Or, be daring, and go for a retro hair look this summer. You know what they say, “old is new.”

20. Boho Braids

Boho Braids
Boho Braids/via

Tiny braids are a great way to spice up your summer hair!

21. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid
Waterfall Braid/via

Or try out, the ever stunning, waterfall braid trick!

22. Simply Straight

Simply Straight
Simply Straight/via

Or, you can keep it simple with straight hair and a pair of killer shades.

23. Natural Hair Wrap

Natural Hair Wrap
Natural Hair Wrap/via

This natural hair wrap is very chic and flattering!

24. Messy Pins

Messy Pins
Messy Pins/via

Get crazy with some messy pins! After all, it is summer.

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