Trendy Pixie Cut for 2024 from Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Pixie Hairstyles for 2014

Pretty pixie cuts are flattering, easy care and always have that ‘trendy modern look’ about them!

Celebrity short haircut: Ginnifer Goodwin’s dark brown pixie cut

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Pixie Hairstyles for 2014
Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hairstyle: Pixie Cut /pinterest

This short cut really accentuates the eyes and face and carries with it an appealing air of self-confidence. This trendy razor cut version has textured ends for finely tapered tips, which look just like the fur on a kitten, when tousled!

It’s also a versatile style which allows you to wear a fringe or comb it off the forehead, revealing the soft, cute wisps beneath. Equally dainty points are cut in front of the uncovered ears, providing the perfect accent for a pair of striking earrings!

With the side-swept top layers simply fluffed up for attractive volume and a contemporary dishevelled finish, this modern style will take you anywhere!

And don’t forget – the right pixie hairstyle can make any woman look younger and more mischievous!

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