Romantic Dishevelled Low Side Braid for Wedding

braided wedding hairstyles

The romantic look pops up frequently in a variety of the latest, contemporary styles.

This asymmetric look echoes the trend towards natural make-up this season with a casually dishevelled maidenly look that suggests ‘bed head’, but in more refined way!

Romantic Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

braided wedding hairstyles
Side view of braided wedding hairstyles /tumblr

The same-length hair creates an attractive smoothness in the very loosely woven side braid, which begins in a fashionably low and casual position.

The smooth forehead is beautifully accentuated by the lightly swept-back hair, which becomes a woven braid decorating one profile.

And the overall effect is one of youth, softness and femininity in this versatile style, which is equally suitable for a formal event or every day wear!


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