26 Easy Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful in themselves, but their gorgeousness can be further enhanced with makeup!  Do you have blue eyes?  If you do, you probably already have quite a few ideas for eye makeup looks, and might even alternate among more than a few of them right now.  In this article, we will list some easy makeup tutorials for blue eyes.  This is exciting, as you will learn many different tips and tricks for making the most of your beautiful blues!

Examples of these include the colors that are most effective at bringing out the blue color of your eyes, and the eye makeup designs that tend to look best on blue eyes.  You might be surprised by some of what you learn.  Many people have misconceptions about the colors that look best on blue eyes.  For example, did you think that blue eyeshadow always looks better on blue eyes than an orange-toned shadow?  If you did, many people would disagree with you!  It is thought that very tawny shades of eyeshadow (eyeshadow tutorials) actually help to vividly highlight the blue of the eyes!  Keep on reading this post!

1. Soft Taupe


Eye makeup for blue eyes
Soft Taupe/via

This sophisticated yet simple and eye brightening look enhances the softness of your beautiful blue eyes.

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