24 Edgy and Out-of-the-Box Short Haircuts for Women

Platinum and purple

Out of all your friends, are you the one who’s considered to be the trendsetter? You never really follow the fashion trends, you prefer to shop at thrift stores rather than in the mall and when it comes to your hair, your next cut and style is really anyone’s guess.

If so, boy is this feature for you! In a couple of moments, you’re going to see over 20 truly unique ways to wear a short cut. Ways that we can guarantee no one in your circle (and maybe even in your entire city!) will be wearing because they are just that radical. And just that hot too!

1. Radically white

Radically white
Radically white/via

This asymmetrical cute is nice. But what takes it up a notch is the hair color. Pure white will definitely catch some onlookers’ attention.

2. 80s inspired

80s inspired
80s inspired/via

Whether you were born in the 80s or you’re simply a fan of that era, this cut will have you looking better than Molly Ringwald or Pat Benetar ever did!

3. Light pink Mohawk

Light pink Mohawk
Light pink Mohawk/via

This is another cut that would look awesome no matter what color it was. But the fact that it’s two-tone and one of the shades is light pink is really a signature look.

4. Asymmetrical platinum

Asymmetrical platinum
Asymmetrical platinum/via

This look is a bit more subdued but still amazing. If you’re going to go with an asymmetrical short hair do, opt for either platinum or jet black.

5. Spiked pixie

Spiked pixie
Spiked pixie/via

Pixie cuts are a classic cut of short do. If you already have one but you’d prefer for it to look a lot less conservative, ask your stylist to trim it up with a razor. That will give it much more of a spiked effect.

6. Short with long sides

Short with long sides
Short with long sides/via

If you’re ready to go short but you’d like to keep some remnants of a longer due, you can always keep some of your sides long. It’s another way to make your hair appear ultra-funky.

7. Violet bowl cut

Violet bowl cut
Violet bowl cut/via

Typically, a bowl cut is pretty boring. But that’s no longer the case if one, it’s asymmetrical and two, it’s violet.

8. Shaved on the sides

Shaved on the sides
Shaved on the sides/via

Are you tired of styling your hair every morning? That won’t be that much of an issue if you get it clipper shaved on the sides and the leave a bit of volume for curling up top.

9. Side shaved short bob

Side shaved short bob
Side shaved short bob/via

Two things makes this bob unique: One is the fact that it’s two different colors. The other is that it’s shaved on one side. Not every woman can make this work but if you’re bold enough to think you’re the exception, you’re probably right.

10. ‘Uneven’ bangs

'Uneven' bangs
‘Uneven’ bangs/via

This is a subtle way to create a radical look. If you have a pixie cut that comes with long bangs, ask your stylist to cut them into a variety of different lengths. Uneven bangs are eye-catching on so many levels.

11. Full Mohawk

Full Mohawk
Full Mohawk/via

Although a lot of Mohawks are more drastic-looking than this one, that’s actually what we like so much about it. Being that it’s a bit longer and all one color, you can comfortably wear it to work or a live concert after work.

12. Ultra funky bob

Ultra funky bob
Ultra funky bob/via

This is a really funky bob from the long sides to the pink and purple colors in the front. If you’re not sure you’d want to wear it like this all of the time, there are temporary and spray on hair colors and even clips of weaves that you can easily take in and out.

13. Blonde and choppy

Blonde and choppy
Blonde and choppy/via

It’s funky and sexy. And the the way the blonde plays against the dark eyes and light pink lips makes this the kind of hair cut that every woman who loves short hair should try. At least once.

14. High Mohawk

High Mohawk
High Mohawk/via

If she pulled her hair down towards her face, you might be surprised by how long it is. Yep. The more hair you have on top, the more dramatic your Mohawk will look.

15. Sleek on one side

Sleek on one side
Sleek on one side/via

This is pretty much the picture you just saw with the hair down. That’s one of the fun things about having a Mohawk that has lots of hair and volume up top. You’ll end up with more than one styling option.

16. Super long layered bangs

Super long layered bangs
Super long layered bangs/via

If you’re going to be walking into a hair salon with a bob and you’d like some memory of the cut, here’s one absolutely awesome compromise. Cut the back and the sides and leave a significant amount of hair in the front.

17. Lavender undercut pixie

Lavender undercut pixie
Lavender undercut pixie/via

If you’ve always wondered what an “undercut pixie” is, here you go. It’s a pretty “normal” cut. That is, until you add a totally atypical color like lavender. Suddenly you’re looking differently than everyone else in the entire room.

18. Tri-tone


Ever wonder what tri-tone hair looks like? Well, no you know. (Pretty cool, right?)

19. Light green pin curls

Light green pin curls
Light green pin curls/via

Everything about this picture is picture perfect. The tats. Her beautiful face. And definitely those light green pin curls. #absolutefunkperfection

20. Black-and-white hair

Black-and-white hair
Black-and-white hair/via

We really like this cut. But what made it worthy of this particular feature is the second-to-none hair color job. That black-and-white mix is so on point!

21. Big, curly and blonde

Big, curly and blonde
Big, curly and blonde/via

If you had a really short cut and you wanted to grow it out, maybe aim for something like this. The big curls make her look like a lady. The shaved side (and the fact that her hair is blonde) gives her quite an edge.

22. Shaved on one side

Shaved on one side
Shaved on one side/via

This is basically an asymmetrical, to the side, Mohawk. Another look that not everyone can do but will definitely get a lot of attention if you decide to attempt it.

23. Natural futuristic Mohawk

Natural futuristic Mohawk
Natural futuristic Mohawk/via

If you have naturally curly hair (especially if you’re a black woman) and you’ve always wanted a Mohawk of some sort, this particular cut shows you that you don’t need to go straight to make a big impression.

24. Platinum and purple

Platinum and purple
Platinum and purple/via

This messy super short bob is hot. But the fact that it’s both platinum and purple is what causes her to look so radiant. And breathtaking. And totally unforgettable.



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