15 DIY Pearl Crafts – Creative Pearl DIY Projects

Pearls are simply a classic in the world of fashion design. This gallery gives you our top ten cute DIY crafts with pearls. Whether you want an effortlessly chic and sophisticated look or want to mix it up a little and get funky with pearl accessories, these ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever you need to create, pearls are a super-easy way to add a glamorous touch to any project. Forget notions of pearly being for evening wear or old ladies, nowadays the catwalk and the fashion world are flooded with pearls – pale and interesting or bright and funky.

You can find strings of faux pearls in craft supply shops, pick them up in thrift stores and second-hand places… or buy them as cheap costume jewelry and use them however you want. Pearls are everywhere, and not just in classic jewelry pieces either. There is something for everyone in the ideas gallery; clothing, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, even a pearl phone cover…

All of these ideas are easy to do, and they can all be created using things you can either find at home or purchase cheaply and easily. With just a short amount of time you can create a brand new look that is inspired by the biggest fashion houses at a fraction of the cost. The most important thing of course, is that these are all so much fun to make. You might find that you take the project further and create more matching pieces to get a big statement look that will be the envy of everyone you know. If you have a few extra pearls, why not create some of these to give as gifts? One of the great things about pearls is that they are perfect for all ages. Again, they are simply a classic.

Ribbon & Pearl Woven Bracelet Tutorial


DIY: Pearl iPhone Case

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_06DIY Tutorial via www.sydnestyle.com

Pearl Encrusted Deep V T-Shirt

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_07DIY Tutorial via www.lovemaegan.com

Pearl Hair Comb

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_08DIY Tutorial via homeheartcraft.com

DIY Pearl Shirt


Image via rocktheboatandbreaktherules.com

DIY Pearl Sunglasses


Image via apairandasparediy.com

DIY Pearl Sunglasses Strap


Image via apairandasparediy.com

DIY Pearl Collar Necklace


Image via diy-enthusiasts.com

DIY Pearl Bracelet


Image via inspirationrealisation.com

DIY Pearl Collar Necklace

DIY Pearl Collar Necklace steps

Image via loftinsoho.com

DIY Pearl Phone Case


Image via sydnestyle.com

DIY Chunky Necklace


Image via thriftjuice.com

DIY Pearl Sneakers


Image via rwbeyondthebox.com


Image via chowonlife.wordpress.com

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