20 Cool Summer Outfit Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe. Tired of the typical tank top and shorts combo? We all are. Luckily, there is a solution. Mixing and matching what you have – or splurging at the mall – could turn your summer style from drab to sensational. Let’s get that bounce back in your step!

Here are some awesome and easy summer looks that anyone can try.

1. Playful Floral Shorts

Pastel Floral Shorts
Pastel Floral Shorts/tumblr

Playful pastel floral shorts can brighten up any outfit. Combine it with a blouse or classy cardigan to pull this chic look.

2. Crop Top and High Waisted Skirt

Crop Top & High Waisted Skirt
Crop Top & High Waisted Skirt/ tumblr

This simple crop top and high-waisted skirt is simple and stylish. Accessorize this combo with a modest necklace or bracelet.

3. The Bohemian Skirt

Bohemian Skirt
Bohemian Skirt/tumblr

Match up your black tank top with a gorgeous flowing skirt for this Bohemian Chic look. Bonus if you add the sunhat!

4. Jean Overalls

Jean Overalls
Jean Overalls/pinterest

Overalls are in! Match this look up with your plain white tee and some killer shades. You’re ready to hit the town.

5. The Cozy Oversized Sweater

Cozy Oversized Sweater
Cozy Oversized Sweater/pinterest

Casual, yet stylish, try out your shorts with a sexy oversized sweater. This look is perfect for sunsets on the beach.

6. Sleek Denim Jacket

Sleek Denim Jacket
Sleek Denim Jacket/pinterest

A sleek Denim jacket over any dress, long or short, is a great city casual look. Add some gold or silver bangles for an exotic flair!

7. The Simple Lacy Dress

Simple Lacy Dress
Simple Lacy Dress/pinterest

A sleeveless lace cutoff combined with a rocking pair of boots? Yes, please. Accessorize with a large purse or elegant sun hat.

8. The Sexy Fitted Blazer

Sexy Fitted Blazer
Sexy Fitted Blazer/Style Caster

Turn your T-shirt and jeans elegantly chic with a fitted black blazer and some bold white nails. Accessorize with some edgy rings or long silver earrings.

9. The Tied-Top Combo

Tied Top Combo
Tied Top Combo/gurl

A tied top and some printed short? Pull off this simple summer look by adding some striking jewelry into the mix!

10. The Elegant Sailor

The Sailor Girl
The Sailor Girl/whowhatwear

Match a stripped sailor shirt with some crisp white jeans, and your set to sail into summer. Ballet flats or sleek sandals are a must.

11. The Plaid Dream

The Plaid Dream
The Plaid Dream/trendylindy

You can never go wrong with plaid. This ultra easy look can be styled up with a rocking pair of shades and some classy bangles.

12. The Elegant Maxi Dress

Elegant Maxi Dress
Elegant Maxi Dress/pinterest

It doesn’t get easier than this. An elegant maxi dress and some strappy sandals, you’re ready to hit the beaches. Anything goes when it comes to this combo.

13. The Off the Shoulders Blouse

Off the Shoulder Blouse
Off the Shoulder Blouse/pinterest

White is the color of summer and in this off the shoulder white blouse, you are nailing the summer vibes. Mix it up with a tight skirt or pants.

14. Pastel Pullovers

Pastel Pullover
Pastel Pullover/Style Caster

Class up your shabby jean shorts with a pair of gorgeous strappy sandals and a flowing pastel pull over.

15. Funky Light Pants

Funky Pants
Funky Pants/pinterest

Take out your funkiest pair of pants and play them down with a simple white, beige or black tee. Add some platforms to give your outfit some extra class.

16. The Halter Combo

The Halter Combo
The Halter Combo/pinterest

Add some spice to your jeans and halter combo by adding a pair of retro shoes and a interesting necklace!

17. Baggy Capris

Baggy Capris
Baggy Capris/pinterest

Baggy capris and your standard white tank make a great summer casual look. Accessorize with fab rings and bracelets.

18. The Chic Romper

The Chic Romper
The Chic Romper/pinterest

Turn your romper into a chic look by adding a belt and some exotic jewelry.

19. The Casual Cowgirl

Casual Cowgirl
Casual Cowgirl/pinterest

Add some colorful cowgirl boots to any beach dress and suddenly, you’re looking casual and edgy.

20. The Cutoff Army Tee

Cutoff Army Tee
Cutoff Army Tee/pinterest

Biker sandals and a cutoff army tee is the fundamental edgy boho look. Get your tan on and get ready to rock out!

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