20 Horrifying Tattoo Designs for Fun

Wow, a big wave of fashionable tattoo designs are coming! We have many posts showing some beautiful and chic tattoos before, but this time, we want to show you something different and eye-catching. Here, we have made a collection of 20 horrifying tattoo designs for every hardcore tattoo addict. If you enjoy having fun in life, these 20 tattoo designs are wonderful for you to get inspired.

They look so realistic and can surprise the people around you. While other people are making beautiful tattoos on their bodies, your rummy tattoo designs can really be an ideal way to show off your edgy fashion attitude. We have always been serious in so many occasions, why not just have fun this time and try some interesting tattoos which are horrifying with their realistic looks.

Just stay here and check them out! If you like any of them, just experiment with it! Show your edgy tattoo to your friends and they will definitely be amazed! Enjoy and have a nice day!

Give it a punch! pinterest.com
And this.

Are you scared? This is the back face of a double-face man! Haw-haw! reddit.com

OK, now this is just horrifying.

Hello! Could I show you the other face? reddit.com

"Hello, nice to meet…oh."

Whose eye is this? reddit.com

A cyclops tattoo complete with a working eye.

Let him jump out of my body! inkedmag.com
Look away if you don't like heights.
What? Am I the Spider Man? reddit.com
With great power comes great opportunity for a freaky tattoo.
A Cool Spider for Women! reddit.com
Repeat slowly: It's only a tattoo.
-Actually, you are a chimpanzee!
-Oh, no!  reddit.com

A fresh take on dealing with male pattern baldness.

This is extremely cool for men! reddit.com

This tattoo looks more like an engraving.


Have you ever seen such a tattoo with the 3D effect? reddit.com

23 Freaky Tattoos That Will Melt Your Brain
Dare you try this one?  uk.pinterest.com

Enjoy your newfound fear of having your body penetrated by snakes.

“Let me out!” said the ghost!  reddit.com

And baby aliens.

Hey, man! How are you?  pinterest.com

An old man opening a door through a man's chest. Sure, why not?

Tattoo on the face!  reddit.com

Nothing too out of the ordinary here, right? WRONG. His goddamn eyes are shut.

It seems that you need to repair this wall! pinterest.com
What’s this? Do you know?  uk.pinterest.com

This man's head challenges the very perception of both time and space.

Wow, this is so wonderful for women to try!  reddit.com

What's even real any more?

Double nope.

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