How to Get Your Morning Workouts Done!

Let’s face it not all of us enjoy working out especially when it comes to waking up early to do so. However, the truth is morning out in the morning can actually help you throughout the day. Not only will you have more energy and better concentration but your metabolism will be working at a more rapid speed. This is attributable to the fact that working out gives your body a boost especially if you do it first thing in the morning.

To master the morning workout you want to prepare yourself mentally and remind yourself that working out first thing in the morning will make you feel better. Plus let’s not forget if you work out first thing in the morning you can forget about it since you do not have to work out again. Not only is it beneficial but you get it out-of-the-way. Here are some ways you can fall in love with morning workouts.

How to Get Your Morning Workouts Done!

Set Multiple Alarms

Yes you want to set multiple alarms the reason behind this is the more alarms you get the more likely you are to get up and get things done. How many times have we all set one or two alarms, heard it ring, shut it off and then forgot all about it? It happens to most of us which are why we recommend setting multiple alarms. Yes you may he angry about it but it will help you get the job done.

Have a Plan

You need a plan when it comes to working out especially in the morning. I don’t know about you guys, but when I have no workout plan I tend to slack and not really get the job done. For this reason you want to have a plan. Either write it down or switch it up often where you know what your routine will be the night before.

Go With A Friend

They say doing things with friends makes everything better. Well, when it comes to working out that is very true. Getting up first thing in the morning is not the easiest thing to do. However, when you have someone depending on you to get things done it will make you want to do it even more. You can even make it a fun event by creating challenges between your friend and yourself. Not only will this make you excited to workout. It will make you want to be better everyday.

Lay It All Out

Lay out all your workout essentials from your sports bra to your running shoes and socks the night before. This will enable you to make a run for the door quickly and not forget anything. It will serve also as a reminder when you wake up. If it is laid out in front of you there will be no excuses as to why you couldn’t make it out on time.

Eat Something Before You Leave

Before you leave the house make sure you eat something. A banana, a smoothie or even make something quick and easy. Such as oatmeal the night before to have ready for the morning. I do not know you guys but working out on an empty stomach is not my thing. I feel hungry and just exhausted when I don’t eat. Which if you are anything like me it will make you want to cut your workout routine in half and go get a bite to eat. To prevent this, eat something first and then enjoy a good workout.

Workout Only on Weekdays

If you plan on working out first thing in the morning make sure you only work out on week days. The reason behind this is if you work out first thing in the morning on weekdays you will have the weekends to wake up late and enjoy a late morning. This will help you fuel up and feel prepared for the week days of waking up early.  It is equally beneficial for your body to have a few days of rest.

Go to Sleep Early

Hate to say it but if you plan on having an early workout you have to go to sleep at an earlier time. Many of us are night owls. And prefer to spend the night hours preparing for the next day or reading a good book. However, if you go to sleep late you will not want to wake up on time to workout. Not only will you feel refreshed and prepared to take on your day but your body will also feel more well rested. Do not forget to be in bed at an earlier time than usual to get into the mood of falling asleep on time.

Reward Yourself

With anything you do it is important to give yourself small rewards. What this does is it makes you want to do more of it. And continue to it more often and even better. When it comes to rewarding yourself, you want to choose something small such as an ice latte with little to no sugar. Or breakfast at your favorite diner once a week this will be a motivating factor in you continuing your journey.

Give Yourself Props

Many times we start a new routine and forget to give ourselves props for our achievements. It is always nice to remind ourselves of how well we are doing. Especially if you start working out in the early mornings when you are not a workout person. The accolades you give yourself will boost your self esteem and make you feel proud of what you have achieved for the week.

Set Up Classes at the Gym

If you got to the gym for your morning workouts setting up classes can help keep you accountable for the times that you may feel too lazy or tired to go. Let’s also not forget that when you miss a gym class you are charged for it. So not only will you be missing out on a great workout you will also be missing money from your bank account.

Cut Travel Time in Half

Waking up early is already a hassle when you are not used to it but having to travel a long distance to go to the gym can become a hassle as well. You want to cut your travel time in half and make your gym trips a little bit shorter. This will help you get to the gym on time and go home just as quickly.

When it comes to working out in the morning many of us tend to want to quit and just work out in the afternoon. However, once you make it a routine you realize how beneficial it can actually be to workout in the morning as you will feel more energized and prepared to face your day. Let us know below how you make sure you get your morning workouts done?.

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