Ashley Tisdale Hairstyles

Ashley Tisdale Hairstyles

1. Ashley Tisdale Style This is a very pretty, feminine style for Ashley Tisdale who opts for a range of natural looking blonde shades in a range of tones. Both warm and cool tones are used here to create rich, multi-tonal effect that gives this style a sunny,

Alessandra Ambrosio Wavy Hairstyles

Alessandro Ambrosio Hairstyles

Alessandra Ambrosio Wavy Hairstyles By styling her hair with a side parting and lots of tousled waves, Alessandro Ambrosio avoids elongating her oval face and drawing attention to a prominent chin. Instead, she achieves a balanced, sexy look with lots of textu

Alison Brie Hairstyles: Easy Medium Straight Hair for Fall

Alison Brie Hairstyles

1. Alison Brie Straight Hairstyles If someone described this style to you – mid length with masses of curls, loads of volume and a tousled side parting… you probably wouldn’t expect it to look this good, but Alison Brie really gets it right her with this

Amanda Braided Hairstyle: Holiday Hairstyles for Loose Side Braid

Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles

Amanda Twisted Bun This is a great take on the classic bun; the hair is twisted twice and pinned into two buns to give the effect of a longer, twisted style that gives extra height to the top of the head for a more formal look. As always, Amanda Seyfried’s b

Angelina Jolie Updo: Chic Bun Updos Side View

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles

1. Angelina Jolie Updo: Chic Bun Updos Side View While Angelina Jolie often opts for the messy, flowing look, here she wears her famously long brunette locks in an elegant up-do. To add interest, she has added a range of lighter and warmer brown tone which rea

Bella Thorne Braid: Cute Easy Side Braided Hairstyles

Bella Thorne Hairstyles

1. Bella Thorne Long Hairstyles This is a fantastic colour; Bella Thorne’s stunning auburn hair is the perfect shade for her pale complexion and it is made even more beautiful by the fantastic condition it is in. Styled simply in soft loose waves, the partin

Coco Rocha Bobby Pinned Updo: Formal Hairstyles

Coco Rocha Hairstyles

1. Coco Rocha Short Haircuts: Pixie Hairstyles for Side Long Bangs Here, model Coco Rocha goes for a short style that emphasises her strong bone structure. With a side parting which allows for a long side sweep and a closely cropped boy cut to the side, this i

Demi Lovato Blue Hair: Ombre Hairstyles for Long Hair

Demi Lovato Hairstyles

1. Demi Lovato Updo: Side View This is a stunning updo. Demi Lovato manages to get lots of volume into this style; the height in the front section of the hair is great for lengthening her face and the tousled, pinned up curls add even more volume and lots of

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

1.Sarah Wavy Hairstyle Wow! Sarah Jessica Parker wears her trademark long wavy hair with tons of added volume to create a super big style that has absolutely loads of impact. This is certainly a huge statement, and it adds loads of width to Sarah Jessica Parke

Olivia Hair

Olivia Palermo Hairstyles

1. Olivia What wouldn’t we give for hair that looks so beautifully thick and glossy? This style really shows off that sheer volume of hair that Olivia Palermo is blessed with, the style is classic – a very strong side sweep adds height and volume to the t

Olivia Munn Short Haircut

Olivia Munn Hairstyles

1. Olivia Munn Short Haircut This is a very good short style for anyone with a balanced, oval face like Olivia Munn. If you are lucky enough to have her balanced features and even forehead and chin then this could be a fab style for you. To make the cut softe

Nina Dobrev Hairstyles

Nina Dobrev Hairstyles

1. Nina Dobrev Ponytail This is a versatile look that would be just as suitable for an everyday shopping trip as it is for the red carpet.Nina Dobrev’s hair always looks thick and healthy, and this look makes the most of her great head of hair with a big hi

Nikki Reed Medium Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Hairstyles

1. Nikki Reed Wavy Hairstyles For a tousled, just out of bed look this is a great choice of style – Nikki Reed’s long hair has been given a gentle wavy feel and then swept over the top of the head so that almost all the hair is at one side, tumbling o

Leighton Meester Hair Styles

Leighton Meester Hairstyles

1. Leighton Meester With her flawless, porcelain white complexion, Leighton Meester really suits this warm auburn shade. Darker browns and warm coppery reds make this a hugely flattering colour for her, and her light, pastel shade makeup adds to the effectiven

Lea Michele Long Ombre Hair

Lea Michele Hairstyles

1. Lea Michele This is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ styles that will always divide opinion. Here, Lea Michele’s super thick, long hair is swept over in a side parting to one side of her face where it is wavy, tousled, and tangled, hanging freely ov