Sarah Hyland Long Hairstyles

Sarah Hyland Hairstyles

1. Sarah Hyland Actress Sarah Hyland wears her natural brunette locks loose and wavy in this relaxed style. Her warm brown tone looks perfect against her warm skin tone. A long style is the perfect choice for Sarah’s face shape as it lengthens the face – b

Sandra Bullock Straight Hairstyles

Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

1. Sandra Bullock Straight Hairstyles: Long Hair with Bangs A heavy fringe is a tricky style to pull off, but thanks to a balanced face and high forehead, Sandra Bullock gets it just right with this on trend look that sees a full fringe just graze the tops of

Reese Witherspoon Curly Bob

Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles

1. Reese Witherspoon Medium Hairstyles: Everyday Hair Styles for Women There is a lot of shape to this style, which make it a good look for a longer face, especially as the length sits just above the shoulders and there is plenty of volume at the sides to add

Nicole Kidman Fishtail Plait

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles

1. Nicole Kidman Medium Straight: Women Hairstyles for Straight Hair This medium length style creates a strong heart shape that once noticed, it is hard to see anything else. The shape comes from the way the hair has been styled on top of the head, with a c

Naomi Watts Hairstyles

Naomi Watts Hairstyles

1. Naomi Watts: Easy Hairstyles for Women Popular actress Naomi Watts wears her blonde hair down in soft, loose waves in this causal style that gives her a relaxed, informal look that creates a fashionable contrast with her outfit and those pretty gold earrin

Miranda Kerr Hair

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

1. Miranda Kerr While the outfit might the thing that attracts the most attention on this uber-chic look for Miranda Kerr, the hairstyle is very pretty, and worthy of some of our attention too! Styled in a side parting and brought to one side so it can fall ov

Megan Gale Hair Styles

Megan Gale Hairstyles

1. Megan Gale Long Hairstyles Megan Gale’s thick long hair is enviable in any style, but this long hairstyle is a particularly beautiful look for her. A side parting, set only slightly to the side, createsa great shape with one side of the hair falling along

Marion Cotillard Short Curly Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard Hairstyles

1. Marion Cotillard Short Haircut This is a great look for Marion Cotillard, she wears her rich chocolate brown hair in a short style that has been cut and styled to create fantastic shape. A side parting allows the hair to skim the forehead and frame the face

Malin Akerman Bob

Malin Akerman Hairstyles

1. Malin Akerman Updo: Updos with Bangs If you want a glamorous updo without the fuss of smoothing each and every hair into place, or you want a modern and more edgy take on the classic updo for a big event, then look no further than actress Malin Akerman’s

Lisa Kudrow Layered Hairstyles

Lisa Kudrow Hairstyles

1. Lisa Kudrow Medium Hairstyles To create volume and shape, the hair has been styled in a rough side parting; no straight line, just lots of teased volume and a natural look that makes this very pretty hairstyle look effortless. While the hair is kept straigh

Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

1. Lauren Conrad Updo This updo is a beautiful example of the messy chic style. Here, Lauren Conrad wears her long blonde hair pulled gently back to the sides where it is then pinned in a loose bun at the back of the head. Loose strands create a soft flatterin

Kelly Rowland Curly Hairstyles

Kelly Rowland Hairstyles

1. Kelly Rowland Straight Hairstyles A heavy fringe really helps to round out Kelly Rowland’s long facial shape. It is just so flattering for the singer, and the edgy, razor cut fringe adds a contemporary twist to the look. Lots of volume on the top of the h