24 Fun & Sexy Short Brown Hairstyles 2021 – Dark & Light Brown, Brunette

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There’s something that is so sexy and yet also mysterious about a brunette. And when she’s a woman who decides to wear a short hairstyle, that makes her 100 times more alluring.

Whether you’re a natural brown-haired girl or you’re thinking about adding some brown hair color to your tresses, if you’re looking for the perfect short haircut, look no further. You’re about to see over 20 styles that are just as fun, sexy (and yes, even mysterious) as you are.

1. Bob and bangs

Bob and bangs
Bob and bangs/via

Bobs are so popular right now. They’re really feminine and also very easy to take care of. This is even more the case if you decide to go with a chin-length bob and bangs. It’s literally the kind of hairstyle where you can get up and go!

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