15 Fashionable Pixie Haircut Looks for Summer

Summer is here and there are many women considering cutting their hair short to get a much cooler look during the scorching days. If you ask me what the most popular short hairstyles for women are , I must tell you that the pixie haircuts are the most pretty ones. There are many ways for women to style a pixie hairstyle. You can leave longer fringe in the front or get an asymmetrical style for your hair. You keep them soft and straight or you can add some naughty curls in order to get a more fantastic look.

In today’s post, your personal stylist is going to show you 15 fashionable pixie hairstyles for summer 2015. Just scroll down and check them out! Find the one that suits your face shape and your personal style. Enjoy!

 Brown Pixie Haircut with Headband /Via

Cute Pixie Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Some layers have been trimmed on the top section of the chic brown hair. Women at any age can go for such a lovely hairstyle. For a more adorable look, or for some holiday occasions, you can add a cute head band to it!

Pretty Pixie Hairstyle for Summer 2015 /Via

Bouncy Pixie Haircuts: Side, Front and Back View

We always say that ‘Less is More’, which proves to be so right as what is shown in this picture. The long side-swept fringe works well to frame the face, so women with any face shape are suitable for such a nice haircut.

Side-parted Pixie Haircut for Women /Via

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